Would you like your child to get:
– The Cambridge AICE Diploma
– The Cambridge International General Secondary School Certificate
while they continue regular education in their current school?

How will this work?
– We will register you to one of the Cambridge Schools in our network
– Your children stay in their current school, continue their current education, still get their diploma from the local school.
– The Cambridge school provides complementary education of IGCSE and A Level subjects in tiny groups
– The Cambridge school provides guidance and career planning
– The Cambridge school provides your child the AICE Diploma or IGCSE Certificate
– Your child will be able to go to top universities in the World with these diplomas!

Who we are and what we do?
– We are a student recruitment agency with 10 years of experience.
– Our role is to meet you and the best Cambridge schools so that your child gets the diploma
– We do not charge you anything. Our agency earns through sponsorships by the schools.

If you are interested, please contact us by replying to this email.

Eduvancer Cambridge School Agency
Web: https://eduvancer.com
Email: office@eduvancer.com
Skype: eurecses

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